The Internet of Things, or IoT as it’s rapidly become known, is one of the biggest growth areas in Mobile, today.

The Next Big Thing for Your Business Growth.

Many of you will know M2M, or Machine to Machine to give it its full title, but in recent years, it’s no longer just about machines talking to machines. It’s now about almost everything on the planet being connected, via the Internet of Things. And as many of these connected “Things” are in a mobile environment, they require Mobile SIMs to complete the connectivity process.

IoT isn’t just the next big thing, it’s set to see massive growth with an additional 20 billion SIMs being connected over the next 5 years. That’s an 1800% growth rate on where we are today. So what’s driving the growth?

What are these “Connected Things”? Well the simple answer is that companies are connecting literally everything to the internet and they’re doing this in order to obtain more data and drive a more accurate and timely decision-making process.

View the guide to see an overview of the key sectors and application groups for IoT connectivity.

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